Capital Crime; ‘Whose Crime is it Anyway?’

Capital Crime; ‘Whose Crime is it Anyway?’

Posted by Victoria, 13 Oct, 2019

​This September a new crime and thriller festival burst onto the literary calendar. Capital Crime promised to give fans the chance to meet their favourite crime authors and filmmakers from around the world at a London festival ‘like no other’- and boy did it deliver!

I was incredibly honoured to be invited to take part in a live quiz show with knock-out rounds in which teams made up of authors went head to head answering questions about the other teams’ books.

I led our team, Criminal Minds (named for my all time favourite show). It was pretty close all the way, right through to the nail biting final where my competitive side rather embarrassingly rose to the fore as evidenced by a certain video lurking on Twitter from the ‘act out a scene…’ round. @Choconwaffles and I may need to have words :)

We ultimately lost by half a point (!) despite my best efforts to lodge a sit-in protest. Had the bar not been open it may have worked….