Serial Killers: Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know

Serial Killers: Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know

Posted by Victoria, 14 May, 2019

CrimeFest 2019: Every year, hundreds of big name crime writers from around the world descend on Bristol to listen to author talks and swap stories.This year has been my hands-down favourite.

As well as meeting a horde of new friends and eating/drinking myself silly, I was also invited to participate in a panel on my favourite subject- serial killers!

I answered plenty of questions about BLOOD FOR BLOOD and NOTHING TO LOSE as well as why I chose to write about a criminal profiler and why the serial killer genre has taken off the way it has.

The answer to that isn’t clear cut, but the way I see it in a world of uncertainty and strife, serial killer fiction offers both escapism, the chance to explore our darkest fears in a safe environment and the certainty that the good guys will ultimately triumph.

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