Sky Crime Interview: Crimes That Shook Britain

Sky Crime Interview: Crimes That Shook Britain

Posted by Victoria, 15 Mar, 2021

The disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh in 1986 is one of the most notorious unsolved missing persons cases in UK criminal history.

It’s also one of the first mysteries I discussed with my co-hosts on Crime Girl Gang- a true crime podcast in which three crime writers examine real-life cold cases and then try and solve them from a fictional perspective.

On July 28, 1986, 25-year-old estate agent Suzy Lamplugh was reported missing when she didn’t return from a property viewing in the London area of Fulham. A note was discovered in her planner suggesting she was going to meet a client called ‘Mr Kipper’.

Suzy’s car was later discovered in Fulham, but she was never seen again.

People don’t just disappear … so what happened to Suzy?

35 years later, Sky Crime has released a documentary delving into the mystery of the young woman who walked out of her office and never returned. I was interviewed on the programme along with my podcast co-host, Niki Mackay:

You can also listen to our podcast episodes in which we discuss Suzy’s disappearance and the clues the police followed, as well as talking to ex-police detective, David
Videcette, who has a unique take on this case before putting on our writer’s hats and trying and solve it ourselves: