Think You Can Solve a 70 Year Old Cold Case?

Think You Can Solve a 70 Year Old Cold Case?

Posted by Victoria, 5 May, 2019

In January, I launched CRIME GIRL GANG- a true crime podcast I host with two other crime authors in which we examine real life cold cases and then ‘solve’ them from a fictional perspective.

Our craziest case so far has been one that’s baffled international code breakers, the FBI and Scotland Yard: the mystery of the Somerton Man.

In 1948, a well-dressed man was found dead on a beach in Adelaide, South Australia. In his pocket was a scrap of paper torn from a book with the Persian phrase ‘taman shud’ (meaning ended) written on it. The police believed it to be a coded message and as a result the case attracted intense international attention, not least because of heightening Cold War tensions.

Yet despite the attention the murder received, the victim has never been identified- and the cause of death has never been proved.

This September, we’re hosting an exclusive LIVE event in London where we’ll be unpacking the evidence in this unbelievable case - and inviting our audience to help us solve it!

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In the meantime, you can download the first Somerton Man episode on iTunes now (or search for ‘Crime Girl Gang’ in your favourite podcast app).